Hand Foot & Mouth Disease On The Rise

Hand Foot & Mouth Disease On The Rise

Hand Foot & Mouth Disease (also called HFMD for short) is an illness considered to be on an increase worldwide. It is becoming more common in children under five and in adults with compromised immune systems. Could you be at risk, or have you or someone you know contracted hand foot & mouth disease already?

Hand Foot & Mouth Disease On The Rise! Symptoms and Remedy

Must-Know Information

Statistics say that most children will get HFMD – or at least be a carrier for it. Hand foot & mouth disease is most-common in young children, but it’s also often seen amongst teenagers and adults. It’s a common myth that you can only get it once– you can get HFMD multiple times, because it’s caused by a group of viruses, instead of just one.

If you suspect that you or your child might have HFMD, keep in mind that it’s highly contagious and it is best to be seen by a medical provider to prevent any complications.


Hand Foot & Mouth Disease is given its name because it affects the hands, feet and mouth most commonly. The symptoms of an HFMD infection can include painful blisters, dehydration, fever, coughing, headaches, pain in various parts of the body, sore throat, pain while swallowing and changes in appetite.  This isn’t a complete list of symptoms- you might show more, or fewer, symptoms if you have been infected with hand, foot & mouth disease. See your doctor if any of these symptoms arise.


Most cases of HFMD will heal on their own. Most treatment options for HFMD focus on symptom management. Your doctor will likely prescribe medication to symptomatically treat the affliction – such as numbing spray for a sore throat, and a strong hygiene routine for the hands, mouth and feet.

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