Flu Shot Cost

Flu Shot Cost

Flu shot cost at our clinics is $30. Be sure to check your insurance policy, however, to see if flu shots are covered. If so, you pay nothing. You must have your insurance card for us to file for payment.

If you want to save money, getting a flu shot is the smart strategy. Consider all of the medicine you will be buying if you do get the flu, and lost income from work if you are not on salary, or lost personal days that would have been your winter or summer vacation- not to mention the potential cost of doctors visits or hospitalizations.

Flu Shot Cost Without Insurance

  • CVS Flu Shot Cost: $41
  • Walgreens: $31.99
  • Target: $39.99
  • Sam’s Club & Costco: $30 plus membership fees
  • Walmart: $39.99
  • Our Urgent Care Network of Omaha Locations: $30

Urgent Care Network Omaha clinics participate with most insurance plans, but we urge you to call the phone number on the back of your card to verify that we are in-network.

Flu Shots Available at Urgent Care Network of Omaha Clinics

All three Urgent Care Network of Omaha clinics (Bellevue Urgent Care, Crossroads Urgent Care, and Rockbrook Urgent Care) provide the annual trivalent flu shot on a walk-in basis seven days a week. This immunization protects against what is projected to be the most-rampant strains of influenza this season.

People who have had an allergic reaction to a prior year’s flu shot should not have the vaccine. Those with an egg allergy or history of Guillain-Barre Syndrome should talk with their doctors about vaccination.