Common Pediatric Injuries

Common Pediatric Injuries Urgent Care Omaha

Pediatric injuries tend to come from activities in which kids participate. Pediatric emergency room visits include suffocating, ingestion of chemicals, severe burns, choking and fractures.  Among the most common injuries treated in an urgent care include head injuries, fractures, and burns.

Common Pediatric Injuries

Head Child Injuries

Head injuries may occur through playing sports, falling or just in aggressive playing. Many minor head injuries can initially be monitored at home. The seriousness of a head injury is not always immediately obvious. Reasons to be evaluated include losing consciousness, headache that is worsening, vomiting, seizure and changes in thinking, talking, walking or general behavior. These symptoms can be a sign of concussion or bleeding in the brain. Sometimes a CT or MRI is needed. Careful monitoring after injury is important no matter the extent of injury.


While playing, children are prone to falls that can result in fractures. After a fall, the child should be watched for pain, swelling and tenderness of bone or joint. Children will often hold a broken arm close to them, or limp if they have a leg fracture, so watching for changes in behavior can be helpful in determining if a fracture has occurred. Even though children’s bones have a miraculous ability to repair themselves, fractures involving the growth plates can inhibit normal bone growth and must be watched carefully by a medical provider.


Children must be watched carefully around hot objects to prevent burns and must wear sunscreen to prevent sunburns. Children under the age of 5 are prone to deeper and more damaging burns. Burns increase risk for skin infections. Scald burns can continue to worsen up to 48 hours after initial injury, and applying ice or ice-cold water can worsen the burn. Some burns can be monitored at home, while others must be seen by a medical professional.

Ingestion or placement of small objects

Inquisitive children will find small objects and occasionally these objects end up in their mouths, ears etc. Swallowing of objects that impairs breathing requires emergent medical treatment to prevent death. Many objects swallowed without choking pass through the body and are not harmful to the child. Some objects can corrode in the body and cause problems- these objects must be removed. Objects that are placed in the ears can often be removed in a medical clinic and cause minimal harm.

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