Treating Seasonal Allergies at Omaha Urgent Care

seasonal allergies at Omaha Urgent Care

There’s nothing better than getting outside to enjoy the longer, warmer days of spring or the crispness of fall’s fresh air. But at the first sight of blooming flowers or changing foliage, instead of getting out, allergy sufferers shut themselves inside.


Common Seasonal Allergy Triggers

Seasonal Allergy Triggers

Seasonal allergies can vary greatly for different people.  Common symptoms experienced by individuals include eye irritation, watery eyes, nasal congestion, and runny nose.  More severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing and/or anaphylactic reaction, can occur in more serious instances of allergic responses.  If these severe reactions occur, an individual should seek immediate medical care.  For more mild, seasonal symptoms, these can easily be managed with more conservative treatments.  A few of the most common seasonal allergy triggers include:

  • pollen
  • house dust mites
  • mold
  • pet hairs/dander
  • insect stings
  • latex
  • certain foods and medication


Seasonal Allergies

Ragweed Seasonal Allergies Urgent Care Omaha

Different types of plants release pollen at different times of the year creating lots of seasonal allergies Urgent Care Omaha. In the spring, trees are the main pollinators; in summer, grasses are more active in their pollen release; and in the fall, ragweed causes most of the misery for allergy-sufferers. Many people still describe the fall season as “hay fever” time, though hay isn’t the cause of the problems.